Hemaview Practitioner

As a Hemaview Practitioner Corrie can see your blood live through a microscope, helping to give a full view of what is happening in the body at a cellular level. This gives you more insight into your health, as well as a great control to review in order to see improvement.

Herbal Medicine

Corrie’s mission is to support you in BEing the best version of yourself, with full energy and vitality. Healing the mind, body, spirit through returning to our innate Nature.


It is by no accident you are here.

Whether you are in pain, filled with anxiety or depression, struggling to sleep or can’t get out of bed. I have been in your shoes and it is my mission to support you back to Full Vitality and Vigour! 

You are ready! You can take that step and find True Health.


I specialise with herbs and fruit because after years of personal health issues, this is where I found my freedom.

My freedom from chronic fatigue, hashimoto’s, depression, anxiety, dizziness, extreme perimenopause and weight issues. 


As a young empath, I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders from a very young age. I believe it stemmed from suffering from epilepsy from a toddler to early teen age. I remember often thinking I never wanted anyone to have to experience this. So in a World of pain, I turned to helping others, animals and Gaia before I realised that’s what makes me tick. Where my passion lies, is bringing truth and light out of the shadows.


My mission is to be of service to our Mother, allowing sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine to balance, creating healthy love and consciousness, through health and healing of ourselves and the planet.


Understanding how acids and sugars in fruit differ from other foods is important to break free of common misconceptions about acids and sugar.


So eat more fruit🍐, no matter the time of day or how much. Fruit digests within an hour. So keep eating every few hours if that feels right to you. It’s what as a tropical species we would have done as we walked through our day.


Herbs do not tell, force and manipulate the body to do what it needs, instead they gently support the body and instigate the bodies innate healing system to heal itself.

With a range of tools I can support you in many ways. From iridology, to body therapy, herbal medicine to detoxification protocols, I work to get to the bottom of what is causing you pain.

Whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual support you need, we will endeavour together into your health journey. 


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