Life + DNA Galactivation

As an Alchemical Medicine Woman my mission is to ignite your cellular energy and DNA to the highest potential possible. 

You are Your Ultimate Medicine, and I will guide you inwards to find this ultimate life giving frequency. 

We are Light Beings who are re-remembering our missions. I use all my tools to activate your divine Purpose and Pleasure!  


We have been gifted with generations of trauma and past life programs, which we are now being asked to shed, with compassion and love. 

I will use fruits, herbs, healings, regressions, breathwork and sacred journey work to activate your innate healing system. 

Enabling the best BEing you have always been. Igniting the Light spark within you to live in full light, love and radiant abundance!


With 10yrs of Clinical Experience as a Medical Herbalist, Corrie draws on years of professional and personal experience with Regenerative Detoxification, Fruit, Herbs, Bone therapy, Energy healing, Channeling, Activations, Dance and Sacred Journey Work to create a personalised programme for you to tap into your HIGHEST POTENTIAL of Power, Purpose and Pleasure!

Activate your life…

Are you living your most passionate, purposeful, pleasurable life?

It took me years to surrender to my true path. And this life is juicy! 

I am calling you up! As Mother Gaia needs us more than ever before, we are being initiated into our full potential. 

This is my mission. To unify in order to birth, nurture and activate your Ultimate BEing. 

We are not Human Doings, we are Human BEings and this life is meant to be lived to the fullest! 

star seed healing

As a young empath, I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders from a very young age. I believe it stemmed from suffering from epilepsy from a toddler to early teen age. I remember often thinking I never wanted anyone to have to experience this. So in a World of pain, I turned to helping others, animals and Gaia before I realised that’s where my passion lies.

Clearing the Grids of shadow and nurturing the light to bridge us to the New Earth!

light giving fruits, herbs AND living foods

My mission is to be of service to our Mother, allowing sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine to balance, creating healthy love and consciousness, through health and healing of ourselves and the planet.


Understanding how fruits activate our light bodies is the Ultimate healing tool from Gaia and direct sunlight. 

Check out the 5x Day Fruitful Feast Challenge with 5x Top Secrets to Ultimate Health in the Shop! 


Fruit holds the key to unlock our DNA, by hydrating the cells, eliminating waste and energizing every 50 trillion cells in our body. 

The potency of fruit is beyond measurable. Debunking the many myths is key to Ultimate cellular health. Come join us bimonthly for the 5x day Fruit Feast Challenge on Facebook!


Herbs do not tell, force and manipulate the body to do what it needs, instead they gently support the body and instigate the bodies innate healing system to heal itself.

Herbs allow the body to re-establish homeostasis (or balance). As Nature’s prescription for us, we are deeply provided for when we return to our Source. 

In all Corrie’s Consults she will use herbal prescriptions to help lighten your body with regenerative detoxification. 

With a range of tools I can support you in many ways. From iridology, to body therapy, herbal medicine to detoxification protocols, I work to get to the bottom of what is causing you pain.

Whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual support you need, we will endeavour together into your health journey. 

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