awaken your goddess within

Are you feeling the call to be in your light? To align with your path? To activate your inner knowing?

To Awaken the Goddess Within is to call in your Sovereign Power, Purpose and Passion! 

If you are here then you are being called so why not …

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awakening of the goddess. mind, body, soul + money.

This Powerful 8 Week container will allow you to step into your Power, Purpose and Passion. 

Allowing you to step more fully into your alignment as the sovereign being that you are. Helping you break through upper limitations of your abundance, health and wealth. 

 Step into your Desires, with full ENERGY.

We are Beings made of energy, in mind, body and soul. When any of them are hurting, we leak energy.

Releasing old belief systems, old body patterns, outdated health programmes, clearing ancestral woundings, past life cords + much more, to awaken the healthiest, most energetic and aligned version of your Goddess Self.

  • Visualise…

    Flowing with Grace in every decision you make, the way you hold yourself and your quest for Goodness in every moment.


    Your light radiating Beauty through your presence, that you attract all that upgrades you and fills your cup of love, so you manifest abundance with ease.

  • Visualise…

Having the Strength to complete all the intentions you desire for the day, as your body feels super light, full of vitality and boundless Energy.

  • Visualise…

Feeling a deep Wisdom of knowing that you are so deeply loved and guided, that you can navigate anything that comes up around you.

what vision did you have for your life?


I remember vividly the days I could hardly get off the couch. I remember the seizures that would take me out for days. The gasping for air with the weight that held me down, stopped me from dancing, from expressing myself. The goitre that left me dreading eating at all…look at food and I could feel tired, eat it and I could put on 2kgs of water weight. I remember the days of trying for hours to connect to my Guides, trying to channel messages and support. When I felt so unsupported I didn’t know where to turn.

I’ve been there babe and I Am Flowing my way on a fast track out of there and I deeply Want that for you too.

I have done the hard yards, 10yrs of Clinical Experience and 34yrs of Personal experience.

I will guide you to your most highest timeline, with full DNA activations to open your body channels to the highest light saturation so you can level your life up to your deepest desires!

Lets go!

This Potent Container...


Is a Guidance system to find the light spark within you. A pathway to reignite your innate  ENERGY System you have lost in every cell in your body, so you can vibrate like a Sunstar and take on a life full of light, abundance and Creation. You put in 100% and your going to Turn Your Light on and life is going to Change….FAST. It’s like plugging in the electricity to the Computer!!

 This is an Energy Upgrade Programme for frustrated, tired, exhausted Women, Mum’s, career women, who are ready for change.

 What it is not….

IS a scientific jargon rolling load of BS. It is not a here, do this… listen to this and your life will change. It is not a quick fix, do no work and you get a million bucks or 10/10 energy for life.

 Warning – do not take this if you don’t want to completely upgrade your life to Goddess status.

So what do you get then?Check it out….WOW!!


What you get from this 8 Energy Upgrade Programme



● 7x ZOOM Workshops


● 7x Light Activations - 1x per chakra

How to heal the body, Fruitful Movement, Energy upgrades, Belief system overhauls + Much more

● Full Health Consult worth $440 USD

Questionnaire and Results to gauge your progress

● 1x Alchemical Healing Session worth $222USD

Calling back lost energy

● 7x Goddess Activation Tasks - 1x per week.

To initiate your Energy and Passion for the next chapter in your life

● 1x Light Code Activation and DNA upgrades

Opening up your chakras

● 1x Exit Life Integration Session
● 1x Integration Weeks
● LIFETIME Access to my Nature’s Script Detox Tribe

Full of priceless health videos, articles etc.

● Direct Messenger access to me Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday for the entire 8 weeks.

+ plus

*Bonus - Quantum Healing Energy Upgrade Meditation

Monday to Friday for the entire 8 weeks.

*Support - Whatsapp Women's Circle

Usually $444nzd you get it for $347nzd.

March, July and October 2020 based in Te Akau, NZ

Reignite Vibrant Energy

Intuitive Guidance and Light Activations

Natures Script Detox Tribe Access

If you feel a little excited, that is your lightspark, starting to ignite…..Pressing you to take a leap of faith. And over the 8 week programme that excitement will grow and grow to a burning bonfire….

 Your Energy is waiting to be ignited. Your passions, desires, excitement for life will propel you forward to living your best, most abundant life!!


So what are you waiting for?


Take a leap into your Energy Field Today.




The total value of this entire Package is over $2227

I am all about bringing people to their Source of Energy. So I am offering this entire Programme for only NZD $888.

Invest in yourself. At only a little over $100 a week, you can step into your Highest Timeline. To activate your most potent Power, Purpose and Passion! 

Genopay available – 10weeks interest free payment plan. 

Total Value - NZD $2227


All of the above including

4x EXTRA 1hr Alchemical Healing Sessions. Worth $888nzd

1 hour

Direct Personal messaging with me Monday to Friday

This Quantum VIP upgrade is worth $3000nzd. 

I am offering this for a limited time for $1440nzd. 

 QUANTUM LEAPING! Here we come. 

Total Value - NZD $3000


Book now – 2020 is the year to set your Foundations so you can launch into your Greatest Timeline! 

Simply book by clicking on the BUY NOW button to complete your purchase. Details will follow via email shortly after.


Book now – 2020 is the year to set your Foundations so you can launch into your Greatest Timeline!

The World is calling out for leaders, light workers, high energy healers, coaches and more. This is our time, as Women to stand tall and step into our roles in nurturing ourselves, our families and our Planet.  

Simply book by clicking on the BUY NOW button to complete your purchase. Details will follow via email shortly after.


See what others have to say….

‘For anyone who has lost sight of who they are, where they are going, or need to destress, i think it’s truly an empowering retreat to bring yourself back to the now, to be in the moment and just simply be. ‘

Mikayla Rowe


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