you did it!

You have taken the first step to making yourself a priority. You are choosing to shine, to be the bright light you came here to be. 

It is no chance you are here reading this right now. You have been drawn here for a reason.

Are you ready to Galactivate your life into Passion, Purpose and Pleasure?!

I AM Medicine Woman, Dancer of the Forest. Lover of the Lake. I Am Your Guide. Here to Re-ignite the light in you that has been dampened by life, stress, trauma, hard work and day to day slog. The rock that has hidden the Diamond within!!

– Corrie Taylor

I have been in pain so deep I wanted off this planet. I have done the Bullshit can’t get off the Couch ‘what kind of life is this’ Parade….No more!

I AM here to Reignite your Sexy, Sassy, Savvy Goddess within by guiding you to your greatest Medicine! 


Awaken the God/Goddess within

so you can BE who you’ve always dreamed of BEing and Kick some ENERGY kicking Butt. (enough Energy in there??)

 With a few strategies from my delicious range of tools, I will help you reignite BOUNDLESS ENERGY, manifest divine HEALING, create great EXPANSION and delve deep into full HONOURing of your Journey. 

  • Feel Energized for your life, let alone your day.
  • Discover a healthy, vibrant body, full of desire, pleasure and boundless energy. 
  • Invigorate or discover your purpose
  • Step into huge levels of Abundance, flow and joy
  • Awaken your Inner God/Goddess within
  • Open your Creative channels to experience things you have only dreamt about. 
  • Liberate your Powerful Passions for you own pleasure.
  • Connect with your tribe, Gaia and your Divine Spirit Team
  • BE Delicious in all areas of your life!

So take the leap and step into your Greatest Potential NOW.

1:1 Alchemical healing session

1hour DNA Galactivation clearing trauma from ancestral lineage, bone matrix  and DNA structure. Activating clear channels through the kidneys, adrenals and endocrine system for a healthier nervous system and general day to day functioning. So you feel energetic, and full of purpose and pleasure every day!

This healing is…

* To optimise your Cellular expression creating more energy and vitality in your body. 

*To deprogramme old beliefs and patterns to enable healthier choices and alignments every day so you feel free and abundant.

*To open the channels of light to enable clearer communication with your guides, allowing you deeper faith in your mission.

*To activate your highest potential to power, purpose and pleasure.


  • You will receive a Zoom replay of your session and a mantra to allow your body to fully integrate into the new version of itself.
  • Please hydrate well with fruit to help assist in the healing and activation.
  • Remember to ground with Gaia post session
  • Also journal or dance out old emotions, patterns and programmes for the 3-4x days following the session.

Full Healing Session includes my Spiritual team working in your energy field from the moment you book and until 72hours after the session.

This session is valued at $222USD.

It can be in person in Karaka, New Zealand or on Zoom.



1:1 full Health Upgrade

Your healing will be a guided 8x week container, where you will receive your first consult with me and be placed into a facebook group where you will be given healing modules each week, with tasks to integrate the information provided to you.

You will receive 2x follow ups in this time and one exit session. Each session is valued at $144usd

The Health Upgrade Price includes all sessions and modular trainings and facebook container worth $144 for the fruitful feast wisdom course and $444usd for the 8wk container.

First Session 1.5HOURS

  • Goal Setting Session, incorporating desires, passions and cementing our Mission statement together.
  • A comprehensive Case History for your physical, mental, emotional bodies, including any testing, blood requests etc. 
  • A thorough health appraisal check up online or in person, as control markers for us to reference back to. + Plus Bonus Health Appraisal Questionnaire for you to fill out online. 
  • A Distance or In Studio Healing session, with both our Spirit Guides, including bone matrix therapy, energy healing, intuitive guidance, light activations and DNA upgrades to kick start your Healing Journey. 
  • Full Individualised Report and 10min Conclusive Video recording of my Findings.
  • Daily Plan for Reigniting your Vibrant Energy
  • Herbal and Nutritional Prescription for Energy Advancement
  • Lifetime Access to my Exclusive Nature’s Script Detox Tribe
  • The Full Fruitful Abundance Video Series of my Top 5x Secrets to Ultimate Health valued at $144usd. 

Second and Third Session – 1 HOUR each

  • Full Breakdown of Your individualised plan
  • Coaching for further Health advancement
  • Abundant ENERGY Activation Healing
  • Sovereignty Matrix Clearing of DNA, Ancestral Lineage and Bone + Cellular Memory

 Exit session- 1 hour

  • Energy Check In and Assessment. 8 weeks from start date of the Bimonthly intake group. 
  • Plan for continued support or prescription and herbal plan. 
  • Exit guidance for health transition 

This is a total of Over 4.5hrs 1:1 facetime. 

As well as over 4hours of pre-recorded video trainings.

And a container space worth $447usd for 8weeks. 

*Bonus – Awakening and Reigniting your Energy Lightspark for full Energy function and Abundance Meditation

Total Value - USD $1577

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